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Eating in Paris

If you are just visting Paris for a weekend break, no doubt you will be eating out most of the time. There are plenty of options, but don't assume that you are certain to get a gastronomic delight, just because you visit a restaurant. As usual, the more touristy the restaurant, the less likely you are to get a quality meal.

Nowhere is this more true than in the area just behind St. Michel in the Latin Quarter. You will be invited in to many places by an enthusiastic person just outside the restaurant door, and they can be pretty persistent. This just goes to show how competitive the area is. The prices are not so bad, but the food is usually pretty second rate.

I've always found this to be the case in the square in the tourist haven of Place du Tertre in Montmartre as well. But at least I like the location there.

Michelin Star Restaurants
If you fancy a gastronomic treat, you are in luck. There are plenty of Michelin star restaurants in Paris - over 30 in fact. The only downside is that they are in great demand. You will need to book, and you may have to do it well in advance.

If you really want a Michelin rated restaurant, then click here to take a look at our list, classified by area.

Centralised Restaurant Booking Agency
If your requirements are not quite so demanding, there is a centralised booking agency, which lists 158 Paris restaurants, and may fit the bill for you. See more details here.