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Paris Vacation Rentals

Most people who visit Paris stay in hotels, hostels or bed and breakfast accommodation. But if you are planning to visit Paris for a week or more, it can make a lot of sense to think in terms of a Paris vacation rental instead.

Apart from the potential of saving money, it's great fun to stay in a Paris holiday apartment or flat. You become much more a part of the local community, when you buy food in the local baker's or butcher's. And it's a way of improving your French, as well as partaking of the local delicacies. 

When you're staying in Paris, an apartment is a great alternative to a hotel, especially if you are travelling with children or in a group. It will work for a short break or for a longer vacation, even for a business trip. You get more space, more privacy and even a better price than in a hotel.

There are hundreds of apartments to let in Paris - in all areas, and in all sizes and price ranges.
Here are some websites, where you can see what's on offer:

Paris Apartments for those of you in the USA

If you're in the USA, HomeAway.com has the best website I've found for Paris apartments. Just enter "Paris" in the Search box on the site and take it from there.

There are over 1800 vacation rental options on that site, broken down by the area (arondissement) in which the properties are located.

Paris Apartments for those of you in the UK or Europe

If you're in the UK or Europe, there are a couple of alternative websites to investigate.

Holiday-Velvet.com is the first website I suggest.

Click this link to go straight to the Holiday Velvet Paris Vacation Rentals page and start reviewing the.available properties. In this case, they are shown by area, but without mentioning the arondissement.

HomeAway UK Holiday-Rentals is the second website. There seem to be over 1900 properties available for Paris on this site.